Marlu is a family business founded 40 years ago by the Rzepniewski family. The company thrived thriving in difficult times of political transformation, employing up to several hundred people. Among the sewing machines and materials grew Ula - a daughter who, without the slightest hesitation, chose to study at the Florentine Polymoth. Massimiliano Giornetti, the creative director of the fashion house Salvatore Feragamo, finished this world-famous school. Full of enthusiasm and inspiration with great creators, she decided to start with her own brand, based on resources previously built by her parents.

Initially, MARLU focussed on creating female stylisations with classic forms and timeless character. However, we quite quickly realised that this in today's world is not enough. It turned out that subconsciously, from the beginning we organised our production in such a way as to reduce its impact on the environment as much as possible.


MARLU bases his production on people. Our team consists mainly of women who, thanks to their skills and many years of experience, guarantee that our clothes are gems in terms of quality and precision of workmanship. Working with a sewing machine is not an easy job. Only seemingly seems quite repetitive. Nothing could be further from the truth. It requires focus and imagination, with the extra burden of staying in one position most of the day. When buying MARLU clothes, remember that you contribute to the preservation of jobs in our national labour market. Thanks to our work, the region in which we live and, consequently, the economy of the whole country is developing.


From the very beginning, MARLU took great care of the choice of fabrics. Their production is one of the most burdensome elements of the process of making clothes. Before the new cotton shirt hangs on your hanger, litres of water will be used. MARLU very often uses materials from the so-called stocks, using produced, not received batches, but always in the best quality.


Fast fashion - the constant delivery of new styles at very low prices - has led to a significant increase in the number of pieces of clothing produced and discarded. We always adjust the amount of clothes we produce to the actual demand. We start with small quantities and produce more only when we get you a favourable feedback. This makes our production less wasteful. We do not collect unused bales of materials, much less ready-made clothing. So if sometimes you have to wait a few days for your order, please bear with us. Thanks to this, we reduce the amount of discarded clothing littering our planet.


Our sewing room is located in Józefów near Warsaw and this is its great asset. Your clothes don't travel half the world in a container before they reach you. On the contrary, often a few / several kilometres away from the place of its creation, so you can use our services MadeToMeasure or a 2-year warranty. We want you to enjoy your clothes as long as possible. Let's buy good quality, timeless things so as not to replace them every season for new ones and thus save them.

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