Resale regulations

Regulations of resale service as part of the online store

  1. Definitions
    1. Shop - MARLU online store available at:,
    2. Butik - Marlu boutique located at: ul. Żurawia 1a / Plac Trzech Krzyży 7, 00-503 Warsaw.
    3. Marlu - the entity managing and running the Store, which is Marlu sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw (00-413) at ul. Ludna 9, entered in the register of entrepreneurs by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw. Warsaw, XII Commercial Department of the National Court Register under the number: 0000608287; REGON: 363999198; NIP: 7010559706.
    4. Terms and Conditions resale- this document with all attachments and additions that form an integral part of it.
    5. Regulations - regulations of the online store available at under the Regulations tab.
    6. Regulations of the loyalty program - regulations of the loyalty program available at under the Loyalty Program Regulations tab.
    7. Buyer - anyone who purchases Products through the store.
    8. Product - goods purchased by the Seller in the Store or Boutique;
    9. Seller - the person who owns the Product, who has volunteered to offer it for sale through the Store;
    10. User - any person who uses the Store or Boutique, in particular to familiarise themselves with its offer or purchase Products.
  2. General Provisions
    1. The Seller may entrust Marlu with mediation in the sale of the Product through the Store or Boutique, and Marlu may undertake this intermediation as set out below.
    2. The Seller will inform the Boutique of the willingness to sell the Product by providing a description of the Product,in particular by indicating its individual name or photos, while indicating the condition of the Product and the approximate date of its purchase.
    3. Marlu has the right to refuse to accept the Product for sale without giving reasons.
    4. If Marlu confirms his willingness to accept the Product for Sale, the Seller is obliged to deliver it to the Boutique at his own expense and at his own risk.
    5. After accepting the Product to the Boutique, Marlu, within 7 days, will make available an offer to sell this Product within the Store, with a sign that it is a Product coming to the Marlu customer and not directly to Marl (sticker: ReWear).
    6. Marlu will offer the Product for sale at a price agreed with the Seller, posting in its Store photos taken for the purpose of selling a new Product directly by Marlu, adding in the description accurate information about the condition of the Product and possible traces of wear.
    7. The User may purchase the Product on the same terms as any other products available in the Store purchased directly to Marlu (see: regulations of the online store), except that:
          1. VAT is not added to the price of the Product;
          2. The buyer does not receive a receipt;
          3. Marlu is not able to change the price of the Product / take a promotion, etc. without the Seller's consent.
    8. Marlu may or may not be obliged to offer the Product for stationary sale as part of the Boutique. In the case of stationary sales, as in the case of new Products, the Buyer has no right to withdraw from the contract on the terms set out in point 7 of the Regulations.
    9. Marlu has the right to withdraw the Product from sale at any time without justification. The Seller has the right at any time to request the withdrawal of the Product from the sale without justification.
    10. If the Product is not sold within 3 months of placing in the Store, Marlu may resign from further offering the Product and return it to the Seller at its expense.
  1. Manage and warranty
        1. The Seller's possible liability under the warranty is limited to one year from the date of issue of the Product to the Buyer.
        2. The product may be covered by the warranty referred to in point 6 of the Regulations on the part of Marlu. In this case, such information will be included in the Product description made available in the Store.
  1. Marlu's salary
  1. In the event that the Buyer does not exercise his right to withdraw from the Agreement, Marlu will settle the sale with the Seller within the next 7 days.
  2. The buyer has the right to obtain a sale price less Marlu's salary of 30% of this price or to receive a coupon/points under the loyalty program corresponding to 100% of the sale price.
  3. The price will be payable to the Seller upon deduction of the Remuneration to the account indicated by the Seller (hereinafter "Appreciation Amount"). The amount to be refunded is a gross amount, including VAT. Marlu will issue a receipt for the brokerage service in the amount of his salary.
  1. Final provisions
  1. In all matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of Polish law shall apply.
  2. All disputes arising from the functioning of the Store and the provision of services within the Store will be decided by the court competent for the seat of the Seller.
  3. The Seller reserves the right to amend the Resale Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes to the Resale Regulations are effective from the moment they are published on the Store's website. Amendments to the Regulations may not violate the acquired rights of Buyers and Store Users.
  4. In matters not regulated by these Resale Regulations, the provisions of the Regulations and the Loyalty Program Regulations shall apply accordingly.
  5. Please send any comments, suggestions and questions to
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